In pain...




Sleep Deprived...


Dare I go on?!

Well, I'd love to give you the chance to start feeling more balanced and less mopey with this 8-Week Whole Food program to start off the New Year!


What if I told you, a lot of these symptoms are directly related to the types of foods you're eating and how you prep for success in your life?!

I know, because I was right where you are not too long ago!

That's why

I've developed this Detox-2-Retox program to help you Kickstart your goals in the right direction...

With just the right amount of lifestyle and dietary tips to get you on an easy, sustainable path to optimizing your health!


Wondering what it's like to start feeling more balanced and energetic?


I've got just the right stuff to get you started...promise!

Ever notice yourself getting stuck only a month or two after you start a new regimen?

You feel bored, more tired then when you started, and, simply, you just don't have the energy to put into it anymore?

Trust me..

I've been there!

It doesn't have to be this hard.

I've prepared to give you my best tips and tricks that are easy to follow, and 100% YOURS to take with you on your journey.

Not to mention...

I'm SUPER EXCITED to give you this opportunity for a limited time offer [before it hits full price] of only


Within the 8-Weeks, you'll learn:

  • How to build a fire morning routine

  • Bomb methods to prep yourself for success, daily

  • The power of whole, real foods + what works for you

  • The Elimination Process + why it's super helpful & not as hard as it sounds

  • How to put yourself first + rock your own world

  • The benefits of filling your body with amazing nutrients + crowding out the unnecessary, damaging foods

  • That there really are incredible + easy recipes which won't make you feel discouraged that there's nothing else to eat

  • How obsessed I am that you made a commitment to yourself


all with the support of yours truly + others who are on the same page as you.

That's right.

This program is completely online, in our very own Private Facebook Group!

Where I will be giving you my full support + more, AND the opportunity for you to meet more people who you can connect with and keep each other accountable to stay on your game!

Whether you're just getting started in the health community or you've been "keeping up with the Jones'," there is definitely a place for YOU, if you feel like something is missing.

Have you been wanting to start eating better and make healthier choices, but just don't know where to start?!

Or, maybe you feel like you are making healthy choices, but aren't seeing the results you were expecting...

Well, I've made it super simple for you to start putting your body on the right path ;)

I'd hate for you to feel frustrated and confused before you even get started...

So, I wanted to create something that was easy to follow and not too drastic that would quickly turn you off, like a juice cleanse (pssh, hello. How mean would that be?)

After all...

Our bodies need real food to function optimally.

When you enroll into the Detox-2-Retox program, you will immediately receive:

  • The entire layout of what the program is + consists of

  • A link to join our Private support group + numerous resources to get you started

  • MY undivided love, gratitude, & complete support ;)

at $125 (limited time only) 

to receive all your special goodies and get a head start on your program!

This program has been exclusively designed to not only point you in the right direction, but get you intuitively connected to your body in a way that is unique for YOU.

When was the last time you listened to your body?

My guess is, it's probably been a while...or maybe never.

It's never too late

 - and NOW would be the perfect time to start :P

This process, for me, lasted a lot longer than eight weeks (let me tell you). But, what I realized was, it actually didn't have to be as hard or as long as it took me to figure out what worked best for me.

I want this for you!

By committing to this program, you can expect to experience:

1.  Less confusion about what to eat

2. Less cravings for damaging foods

3. Improved energy throughout the day

4. Better mood without the [drastic] dips and spikes

5. Restful nights knowing you're finally taking care of YOU.

...and so much more!


...is a gift worth giving - TO YOURSELF.


I can't wait

to take you on this 8-week journey of finding what works for YOU + balancing your body + setting you up for daily success!


If any of the descriptions listed at the top of this page sounded familiar to you...

...then this program is for YOU.

Get rid of the stress of trying to figure it out on your own, when you can have my FULL support & guidance.

put yourself on a sustainable, healthy path

that takes the guess-work out of your hands!

Want to know what it feels like to finally have energy, balance, & clarity?  A body that functions properly + is pain-free?

What are you waiting for?!

I hope to see you inside :D

Meg <3

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or practitioner. This program is not meant to replace, treat, or cure ailments. Please, always consult with your Primary Care Provider when making changes to diet, supplementation, and medications to make them aware of your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle.