[Recipe] Meg's Energy Boosting Matcha + Why I Love This Japanese Tea

Although, I do love the taste of a good brew every now and then, but I generally go for decaf because I simply don't need the caffeine anymore. That being said, I've found an amazing alternative that adds a little something to my day without getting the crashing feeling coffee often provides - Matcha.

My 2018 Mantra + How to Tackle the New Year Like a Pro [free gift inside]

I've decided that every year, the first week of January, I will have a little something extra for you to feel confident and ready to tackle the year ahead. So, I've broken down some of my favorite activities to give you awesome goal setting confidence + a worksheet that goes with it! Check it out inside>>

How I Went From a Gymnast to a Runner: A Beginners Guide and My Top 10 tips for Keeping Your Run Game Strong

No one would expect a gymnast to become a runner - but then again, most people don't expect anyone to become a runner. Truth is, it's a process just like anything else. But, if you're interested, I've got some great tips for beginners and even for people who want to make their running stronger! Read more for my top 10 tips for a strong run.