Start Your Own Oily Collection

When I first started using dōTERRA essential oils I had no idea what I was in for...I'm legit OBSESSED! Not only that, I've had the opportunity to join an incredible team that keeps me inspired and helps me learn even more about the value of these incredible gifts from our very own Earth. 

Have you been wanting to start using essential oils but haven't signed up because you're confused or unsure where to start? I was right where you are only a few months ago! I've made it super easy for you to get started on building  your oil collection and learn how to use them safely and effectively to bring more health, abundance, and value to your life. 



What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are pure extracts from plan that are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs putting them at the forefront as nature’s defense mechanism. dōTERRA essential oils are highly concentrated, so understand that a little goes a very long way. They are the safest, most effective, affordable, and super beneficial alternative to many synthetic products, remedies, and over-the-counter "quick fixers."


Check out this Video by the amazing Alice Nicholl's answering the most commonly asked questions about essential oils!



Who is doterra?

dōTERRA is the leading essential oil company in the world, with the highest retention rate of 65% ((and growing)) compared to it's competitors. Founded in 2008 and built on a mission to share with the world nature's purest and highest quality essential oils, their name literally meaning, "Gift of the Earth." Being committed to providing the absolute best quality standard oils lead to a standard of quality that barely existed - the creation of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils. 



Know what oils you already love & want to bring into your life?

Follow the steps below and start building your collection!

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Step one: Join Me & my Oily friends

Join my insider community to get the scoop on safe oil use, oily information & spotlights, news, updates, promotions, content, & growth opportunities. Don’t let the FOMO get you down ;)

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Step Two: Get Your Oils

Signup with a Wholesale account to receive your oils at 25% off forever! Learn how to generate points to continue buying your oils at wholesale prices, use points to get free oils, and earn free products with dōTERRA's generous Loyalty Rewards Program.

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Step Three: Start Playing

The minute I received my oils I immediately fell in love - I think, or I know, you will too! As soon as you receive your oils you are ready to get acquainted - play with your oils immediately and start getting used to them being a new addition to your world. Click below to download a friendly users guide for your new oils.


Here's what you're signing up for:

  • 25 % off all of dōTERRA's amazing oils & products

  • 10 - 30% back in points/credits with the LRP monthly rewards program to get free product + shipping points (that puts you at about 35-55% total savings - umm, hello!)

  • an opportunity to receive a free product of the month with an LRP monthly order at or above 125 PV, a free lucky dip oil from yours truly as a thank you for joining, & a free program of your choice from one of our mentors, Melissa Ambrosini, with a continuous monthly order for your first 3 months (must be 60 PV or above)

  • a chance to change your life + the life of your family with 100% natural, sustainable, powerful solutions

  • become part of a growing, global, supportive community of essential oil fans that cannot wait to get to know you!

- not only that -

By joining, you are supporting dōTERRA's missions with:

...two of the most outstanding and amazing qualities of this company

that you get to be a part of and support directly by purchasing your own oils.


Want to Host a fun Oils class together?!

When you Host with me, you receive:

  • the opportunity to get your oils paid for

  • bring together a community of people to interact & connect with

  • a free gratitude gift from yours truly (including a free oil upon joining the members club :P)



Want to earn commissions?

Keep Scrolling!

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Start Building a Side Hustle (or a legit career) with Me


Become Part of an Incredible Team by Sharing These Gifts of the Earth


Think you're interested in sharing these oils with friends and family to earn a side income?


the business opportunity to replace your income with a business that you truly love?!


create real financial freedom and never have to worry about money ever again?!?


Learn about the amazing benefits of being a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA and the massive support you get when you choose to join hands with my GLOBAL TEAM!

The power of these oils are absolutely unmatched, and the potential to make a side income OR create real financial freedom is unheard of. (, out of this world!)

Not only that, you would be changing sooo many lives, and that, my friend, is truly priceless.

Check this out...
Just a quick snippet of your earning potential.

Just a quick snippet of your earning potential.


Why choose doterra?

Aside from the fact that there are too many ways for you to fall in love with dōTERRA, not only do they have an incredible and super generous compensation plan, and their oils are CPTG, and the fact that they use co-impact sourcing by working with farmers from around the world to give back to the communities with amazing product, they also generate the most amazing community of life-long relationships which is definitely my personal favorite aspect. 


Have more questions? 

Set up a 30-minute Oils Empowerment Session with me so we can talk oils, directly <3


MORE ABOUT The Business Opportunity

Simply put, by enrolling as a wellness advocate you will have the most amazing opportunity right at the tip of your fingers. You get to share these incredible gifts with every person you meet, have a real chance at changing someone else's life besides your own, and become part of the fastest growing industry in the world.

Doesn't that sound awesome?!


Here's what you get when you join my team:

  • The opporunity to earn commissions, immediately

  • The ability to receive free oily products

  • Earn 10-30% back in points/credit to use towards your favs for a total of 35-55% in savings

  • Access to amazing bonuses + incentives/promotions

  • Add powerful value to your lifestyle + literally change your life

  • Get massive, unconditional, global support from the start from our Path to Freedom team

  • Exclusive access to the Path to Wellness (living a life with EO’s) AND Path to Freedom (build true financial freedom for you & your family) mentorship programs at no extra cost!

  • The chance to be apart of a beautiful, growing, global community of essential oil lovers

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of creating an amazing, sustainable, valuable business

  • The opportunity to serve others + bless your own life with connection & meaningful relationships

  • Unlock your potential to have true financial freedom (did I say that already? :P)


Click below if you want to learn more about the incredible mentorship program you'll have exclusive access to, and then come back here when you're ready to start your journey ... I'll be here, waitin' for ya.