YAS! You Did It!


WELCOME! Welcome, welcome. I am beyond excited that you're here and you've decided to join my team - I can't wait for you to see what's in store for you ;D


What Happens Now?

As soon as you joined, I started getting to work on sharing your info with my mentors to ensure your enrollment in the Path to Freedom. Path to Freedom is a mentorship program created by some amazing people that helps guide us in learning, building, and sharing these great gifts with every person we meet - with the added bonus of building an empire, if you will.

[Check out the video and get the true feeling of what Path to Freedom is all about, with two of our beautiful mentors, here.]


When you joined my team you not only have the chance to work side-by-side and directly with me, you have an outstanding, growing, global team of over 1,000 others on the same journey. Not to mention, you're life changing experience with these incredible gifts from our gracious earth!

[if you haven't noticed, I can't talk about them enough :P]


As soon as our mentors receive your information, you will receive:

  • an email from Nick and Melissa with your PTF login info
  • a link to join the facebook group where all of the support takes place
  • enrollment into the 'Essential Oil Starter Series' with the amazing Tara Bliss ((great learning materials))

You will be recommended to download an awesome app called Voxer, which is a free app that allows us all to be in contact with each other. Once you download the app, I will be able to add you to the 'PTF Announcements' group, and our own team group!


In the meantime, check out these awesome resources to learn more about doterra and what's to come!


Map of where we source these pure plant extracts from.


News & Events

Check out what's happening in the essential oil world! You can also head to the Eventbrite.com and search for local, regional, and international dōTERRA events.

2018 Global Convention

An incredible experience of inspiration, education, community building activities all in one place - Salt Lake City, Utah September 19-22! Hope to see you there <3

Tickets sales TBA. Check back for more info. or head to the website. 


Incentive Trips (us)


Wellness Summits (us)

2018 Leadership retreats (us)

Silver and above rank wellness advocate, educational & training parties, pretty much sums it up. 

March 13-15 / Orlando, FL

March 26-28 / Long Beach, CA


Regional Summits (Us)


Essential Tools & Resources