How to Balance Your Busy Lifestyle + Prevent an Expectation Hangover

How to Balance Your Busy Lifestyle + Prevent an Expectation Hangover

I often get asked how I handle doing so many different things at once and how I don’t loose my mind or fall on my face from the amount of directions I’m spinning in - any time I see family I haven’t seen in a while, one of the first questions they ask me is, “so, what are you up to this time?” or “what else are you doing now?” I honestly never really had an answer, until I thought about it this morning.

Continue reading below for my best tips on how to balance your busy AF lifestyle + prevent an expectation hangover ;)

Five Simple + Effective Ways to Destress Daily without Eating Up Time

Five Simple + Effective Ways to Destress Daily without Eating Up Time


We all have it, whether it’s physical or emotional, about our jobs/careers, relationships, the world…but what do we actually do to reduce our stressors daily, so we can live a more powerful life?

The things is, unfortunately, stress is always going to be around us. It’s inevitable, although there are ways to help manage stress so it doesn’t effect our physical or emotional health!

Being that it’s Stress Awareness Month, I want to give you five of my favorite, simple and effective ways to help you de-stress every day, so that way you are setting yourself up to optimize your health and performance!

Get Stretchy in 2019 + 8 Stretches for Any Athlete Type to Improve Health and Mobility

Get Stretchy in 2019 + 8 Stretches for Any Athlete Type to Improve Health and Mobility

Do you stretch?

I used to think stretching was just something I had to do while at gymnastics or before track practice and I absolutely hated it. Mostly because it was painful, in an obvious way, but I also thought it was lame and not necessary.

I found that most people, even athletes, agree. We tend to think stretching is tedious, not fun, and, let’s face it, doesn’t look very cool. On the other hand, we also seem to think stretching is only good for before or after a workout.

[p.s. that’s actually wrong]

I’m here to tell you that stretching is one of the most beneficial things you can add to your health routine in 2019 and it requires very little work AND time!

80 Years of Wisdom + The Top 10 Basic Steps to Living a Full, Healthy Life

80 Years of Wisdom + The Top 10 Basic Steps to Living a Full, Healthy Life

This year, my beautiful grandmother, AKA Nanny, turned 80, and she’s still as vibrant and healthy as she was as far back as I can remember. Today, we talked about life, health, happiness, fear, family, relationships, and all the challenges that life sometimes brings us and the ways in which we choose to deal with failure and be vulnerable enough to tell our stories and share our natural gifts with others.

It occurred to me that I am so lucky to have 80 years of wisdom to learn from, so I took advantage and put together a compilation of Nanny’s best tips on living a full, healthy life in this crazy world.

The most amazing thing about this woman is her openness to continue to learn and grow as a person, as a mother, a sister, a grandmother, a great grandmother, and even, get this, a fiancé!

Athlete Essentials: Hair Care for an Active Lifestyle

Athlete Essentials: Hair Care for an Active Lifestyle

Today was just one of those days.

Woke up with serious bed head to more gloomy weather, and just a low feeling.

The last couple of days have been a little bit stressful and jam packed with phone calls, laundry, and cleaning - all the things us active individuals would most likely prefer not to do. Needless to say, I needed a boost of energy.

So, I decided to do something fun to my hair that I haven’t done in a while. With the help of my amazing Dry Shampoo of course! ‘Cause #SweatyHairDon’tHair especially when I have the perfect fix ;)

Being an active individual has it’s ups and downs, but I have some great tips for keeping your hair healthy and feeling great. Apparently, sweat can do some damage. How much damage? Not too sure, but what I do know is that sweating releases tons of waste and salts from the body which means your hair and scalp can get dried out pretty quickly after sweating. Ever notice that beach-like, just came out of the ocean, hair feeling after a good workout? It’s rewarding and gross all at the same time.

Athlete Fuel: Golden, Gluten-Free Oats Breakfast

Athlete Fuel: Golden, Gluten-Free Oats Breakfast

Have you ever tried Golden Oats? Have you ever even heard of Golden Oats? Me either!

I recently heard about golden oats and I just had to give it a try!

What makes them golden? Turmeric. It's that simple. Don't go searching the web for where to buy golden just have to make 'em yourself! It's so simple and you can make plenty to save up for another day ;)

Even better, this vibrant dish is packed full of powerful nutrients that are amazing to help kickstart your day or even fuel you up after a good movement session.

Why Kettlebells are My Preferred Style of Movement + Their Dynamic Benefits

Kettlebells are my go-to movement style whenever I am feeling a bit stuck or torn between where I want to go next, physically.

I first fell in love with Kettlebells back in 2010 when I started training with a friend of mine who, while working as a Kung Fu instructor and Cardio Kickboxing instructor, was becoming Certified as a Russian Kettlebell Trainer. He hooked me right in, and I haven't looked back since...well, maybe I did a little, but only to remember what he taught me. Not only was I getting stronger, I was getting faster, leaner, and simply, more powerful in everything else - my overall performance went through the roof.

Kettlebells are particularly my favorite movement style because of the diverse range of movements you can do with them to optimize results during different phases of training. Unlike the basic dumbbells, kettlebells never get boring (no offense). There is just a variety of ways to use kettlebells within their own workouts and also to utilize their capacity for making any workout more challenging and exciting while adding dynamic benefits to your daily routines, or even to athletes of all ages.

Don't get me wrong, dumbbells are useful, depending on your preference or particular exercises you'd use them for, but there is something about kettlebells that just create more abundance to movement. 

Top 8 Core Athletic Strengths + Discover Your Core Strength

As a young competitive gymnast, embarking on such a concrete journey of strength, resilience, and determination, one thing always stuck with me no matter how hard it got - being an athlete is 90% mindset and only 10% physical strength. This is why I define the Athletic Mindset in my book, Beyond the Sport, as a foundational platform of mental and physical abilities, but the most important of the two is mental. The second thing that stuck with me is never to say the words, "I can't" because if I had I would suffer the consequences...this meant an infinite amount of pushups,  but besides that, the belief that I wasn't good enough. 

This limiting belief is something that we all struggle with on a day-to-day basis, and I would be lying to you if I said I've mastered this. This limiting belief is what keeps us at odds with our inner athlete and stops us from accomplishing our goals. A question that always comes up is, "what makes me different from him/her?" The answer, my friend, is...mindset. First of all, one of the basic principles in my book is that 'comparison fuels doubt and it is the thief of confidence.' The most important thing to understand is, without cultivating the mindset first, your physical strength will only get you so far. I learned that the hard way.

Meg's Energy Boosting Matcha Recipe

Just over three years ago, I would've given anything to have my morning cup of coffee, or occasionally needing a pick-me-up during some of my late night bartending gigs (sound familiar?). Simply, I was TIRED. Not only did I sometimes wake up tired (how does that even happen?), but I'd find myself crashing hard in the middle of the day. Even worse, I found myself on two separate occasions in an accident for falling asleep while driving. At the time, as terrible as it is, falling asleep at the wheel had become a common theme in my life. It didn't occur to me that it may have had something to do with my lifestyle and the food I was eating, or amount of coffee I was drinking because of how tired I was all the time, until I attended IIN. 

Since graduating IIN, I've discovered the foods that support me and give me lasting energy, therefore, I no longer have a "need" for coffee or caffeine. Although, I do love the taste of a good brew every now and then, but I generally go for decaf because I simply don't need the caffeine anymore. That being said, I've found an amazing alternative that adds a little something to my day without getting the crashing feeling coffee often provides - Matcha

My 2018 Mantra + How to Tackle the New Year Like a Pro [free gift inside]

The day after Christmas, Bub and I decided we wanted to start the new year on an exciting new journey together with doTERRA to add more value to our health and personal growth. We joined a mentor team with Melissa Ambrosini and her Husband, Nick Broadhurst, called Path To Freedom  - key word, freedom. When we made this decision, as I reached the bottom of the page to join, I thought to myself, "Yes. I desire Freedom."

In the same day, I encountered two separate facebook posts. The first included a word search that read, "2018 will be the year of..." and then I was prompted to close my eyes for a few seconds, then open them, and say out loud the first word I see. To my surprise, that word was freedom. Next, another post that had the statement, "In 2018, I will manifest..." followed by a blank spot underneath with rapidly changing words and phrases. The prompt was to take a screenshot of the post and put the picture in the comments. Again, as soon as I saw my screenshot, it read, "In 2018, I will manifest...freedom."

How I Went From a Gymnast to a Runner: A Beginners Guide + My Top 10 tips for Keeping Your Run Game Strong

No one would expect a gymnast to become a runner - but then again, most people don't expect anyone to become a runner. Truth is, it's a process just like anything else. But, if you're interested, I've got some great tips for beginners and even for people who want to make their running stronger! Read more for my top 10 tips for a strong run.

If you had told me, when I was a gymnast full-time, that I would later on become a runner and run a half-marathon, I would've said, "Uhh, no way! I'm going to the Olympics like Dominique Muceano."

Well, interestingly enough...last year I ran my first ever half marathon at the Diva's Half Marathon and 5k in October AND I killed it (with a sprained ankle...oops)! I couldn't even believe it.

I still can't believe it...but, it happened.