Five Simple + Effective Ways to Destress Daily without Eating Up Time


We all have it, whether it’s physical or emotional, about our jobs/careers, relationships, the world…but what do we actually do to reduce our stressors daily, so we can live a more powerful life?

The things is, unfortunately, stress is always going to be around us. It’s inevitable, although there are ways to help manage stress so it doesn’t effect our physical or emotional health!

Being that it’s Stress Awareness Month, I want to give you five of my favorite, simple and effective ways to help you de-stress every day, so that way you are setting yourself up to optimize your health and performance!



Stress Less.

Live more.


  1. take 2-3 minutes to simply B R E A T H E !!! sounds redundant ‘cause you breathe every moment of every day BUT it’s one of the most basic, simplest tools we have to relax our mind, release tension, and fuel our cells for rejuvenation. Taking those 2-3 minutes a day to take deep belly breaths is a super effective method for improving mood & activating the PNS ((rest & digest)) to lower cortisol in the body .

  2. wake up 5-10 minutes earlier to spend some QT with yourself and maybe even meditate! No one likes waking up earlier than they have to, especially if you have a long day ahead...but taking that 5-10 minutes a day just for some peace & quiet *cough ALONE TIME cough* is a great way to fill up your cup before emptying it out for others. Remember: you can’t give from an empty cup.

  3. get in a good quality movement sesh - movement/exercise/fitness/whatever you want to call it is one of THE most beneficial tools for stress management - aside from the other amazing benefits - it’s super effective + key to lowering stress.

  4. try using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ((CPTG)) essential oils to help you throughout the day - these little gifts of the earth are amazing + effective tools to reduce toxic load from stress and provide natural alternatives to support your every day needs ( P.S. head here to get 25% off doterra essential oils ) .

  5. get enough sleep - use lavender oil, chamomile tea, read a book and avoid the TV or your phone for at least an hour before bed! This seems like a no brainer but believe it or not, lack of sleep is a huge factor when it comes to stress and regardless of what you know or think, #sorrynotsorry, your TV or phone may “help you” fall asleep but your body is certainly reacting to that blue light and is most likely not getting the proper rest because of it. If your body doesn’t get enough rest, that can keep cortisol levels high, as well as promote other health issues to rise up.

What is one thing you want to try to implement to reduce stress?! 

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