Athlete Fuel: Golden, Gluten-Free Oats Breakfast

Athlete Fuel: Golden, Gluten-Free Oats Breakfast

Have you ever tried Golden Oats? Have you ever even heard of Golden Oats? Me either!

I recently heard about golden oats and I just had to give it a try!

What makes them golden? Turmeric. It's that simple. Don't go searching the web for where to buy golden just have to make 'em yourself! It's so simple and you can make plenty to save up for another day ;)

Even better, this vibrant dish is packed full of powerful nutrients that are amazing to help kickstart your day or even fuel you up after a good movement session.

Meg's Energy Boosting Matcha Recipe

Just over three years ago, I would've given anything to have my morning cup of coffee, or occasionally needing a pick-me-up during some of my late night bartending gigs (sound familiar?). Simply, I was TIRED. Not only did I sometimes wake up tired (how does that even happen?), but I'd find myself crashing hard in the middle of the day. Even worse, I found myself on two separate occasions in an accident for falling asleep while driving. At the time, as terrible as it is, falling asleep at the wheel had become a common theme in my life. It didn't occur to me that it may have had something to do with my lifestyle and the food I was eating, or amount of coffee I was drinking because of how tired I was all the time, until I attended IIN. 

Since graduating IIN, I've discovered the foods that support me and give me lasting energy, therefore, I no longer have a "need" for coffee or caffeine. Although, I do love the taste of a good brew every now and then, but I generally go for decaf because I simply don't need the caffeine anymore. That being said, I've found an amazing alternative that adds a little something to my day without getting the crashing feeling coffee often provides - Matcha