Why Fats are my New Best Friends + A list of Must Haves

Did you know, on average, the human body is made up of 15 - 30% fat? Yet, decades of influence from media and food companies has conditioned us to believe that fats are bad and has influenced our perception of what fats should look like.  The "low-fat" and "fat-free" products have made significant headway onto the shelves in supermarkets and restaurants straight into the kitchens and meals of individuals and families.  Unfortunately, these products tend to be higher in refined carbs and sugar leaving us at greater risk for numerous health issues.  It's time to release guilt and shame surrounding the consumption of fats and to implement the right kind of fats for your individual needs into your daily food intake. Read below to see my ten reasons why fats are your friend and check out the list of must haves to start incorporating into your diet today.

How to Get in with the Movement Culture + Find Movement You Love

How to Get in with the Movement Culture + Find Movement You Love

When it comes to the fitness/exercise industry, we can easily become intimidated, confused, or otherwise you literally have no idea where to start.

Let’s face it . . . we’ve all been there!

I was a competitive gymnast for years and competed track and field in high school. When all of that ended it was hard stepping out of my comfort zone of having sports to back me up and keep my body moving. I was insanely intimidated and had no idea where to even start. Not to mention, I wasn’t that interested to exercise outside of sports.

That was until I learned the hard way that moving my body was important.