Sustainable performance Starts With You.




I’m an IIN Certified Health Coach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I love doing handstands everywhere, drinking Matcha Latte’s , netflixin’ and chillin’ on a friday night with my Hulk and my cat, I enjoy writing and sharing stories about my life and things I’m passionate about so I can empower others to live their most powerful life with the soul of an athlete!

As a former gymnast, I know the struggle to fill the void of not competing anymore, and navigating the real world looking for a means to an end of feeling lost, confused, and fearful of my life ahead.

I'm here to show you that being an athlete isn’t defined by the sport you “play,” being an athlete is a lifestyle in itself, and it’s one hundred percent achievable by anyone who’s ready for the challenge to step into the Athletic Mindset - the mental and physical game of optimizing your life.

As a coach, it’s my mission to empower you to use the skills you already know to pick yourself back up, go back to the basics, and recharge your life. Because nowadays being strong is in, being healthy is actually worth something, and happiness isn't unreachable. Creating a sustainable lifestyle to perform your absolute best begins with owning your basic truth - your God Given birthright!

Embrace your #EverydayAthlete life and let’s empower the most Optimal YOU.

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The only failure is not to try.
— Sister Madonna Buder